Burnet Middle School Drop and Go Plan:
This plan was devised for the safety of our students in collaboration with the Union Police Department. This plan will take effect on February 19th and will stay in place throughout 2019- 2020.
  • Parents should enter Stone Street from Morris Avenue and drive toward Berwyn with their Child/Children on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Parents/guardians should drive to the first traffic marker that will be clearly marked as the drop off point. Please note that the first traffic marker will be closer to Berwyn.
  • Please ensure your child/children exit from the passenger side of your vehicle. This will place them out of traffic and directly onto the school property/sidewalk.
  • Parents should not exit the vehicle. "Drop and go." 
  • Please note that your child/children can be dropped off along Berwyn on the passenger side of your vehicle to exit directly onto school property. "Drop and go."
  • Please adhere to school signs and do not drop your child/children on the residential side of Stone Street. The Union Police Department will be issuing citations.

Any questions, please email: Tharrell@twpunionschools.org