You should bring the following with you to class everyday:

*Student Agenda       
* A 3 ring binder with 3 dividers AND loose-leaf paper

Things to leave at home/locker:
*Food, Candy, Gum            *Drinks 

*Cell phones/electronics     *Negativity

Electronic Device Policy:

The school does not allow these to be used during school hours and neither do I for the following reasons:

1.    Encourages theft

2.    Encourages cheating

3.    Is a distraction to you and others

4.    Disrespectful to teachers and peers

5.    Makes you too dependent when problem solving

*All devices get turned into the office with a security guard immediately.

Grading Policy:

Grades are based on a point system, and their impact on your grade is determined by the amount of points. For example, homework could be anywhere from 10-25 points, quizzes 20-50 points, tests/projects 50-100. You will be made aware of the points at the time the assignment is given.
Your work is a reflection of you; your name goes on it. Do not turn in something you are not proud of!

Absent Work:

Because it is essential at this stage of your academic careers to establish good, regular work habits and routines as well as to begin to take full responsibility for your own learning by engaging in class discussion, activities, and assignments, it is expected you complete every assignment on the day that it is due.

Absent work is stored in the folders with your class period. There will be a paper for you detailing what we covered in class and any handouts. See me if you have any questions.

Rules & Procedures:

Everyday in this class, outside of this class, and days substitutes or other teachers are covering the behavior expected of you is:


1.    Follow directions the first time they are given.

2.    Be on time (in seat, ready to go) at bell, and prepared (all supplies needed for class). 

3.    Be respectful in actions and words to others AND yourself.

4.    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

5.    Raise hand to be recognized before speaking.

6.    Follow student handbook.

7.    Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying is NOT tolerated. All cases should be immediately reported to Ms. O’Neill or any other staff  member.

Consequences of negative behavior:

1.    Warning

2.    Detention

3.    Removal from class & call home

4.    Office referral

*Threatening, harming another student, bullying, or other serious infraction will result in immediate administrative action*

Benefits of positive behavior:

1.    Positive call home

2.    Special class activities

3.    Lion loot

4.    Respect of your peers

Now that we have discussed what I expect of you, here is what you can expect of me:

-Grading & Genesis updates will be done in a timely manner


-Never assign “busy work” or something that will not help you achieve your educational goals this year

-Safe, comfortable, learning environment

If at anytime you feel these are not true, please see me.