Study Resources

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Most recent information on our country's demographics. Complete with an up to the minute world and U.S. population counter!
Great resource on the Constitution
Great resource compiled by another district. Scroll down to the bottom right to play games and watch video clips.
Fun facts and quizzes about the Constitution.
Starting point for Constitution articles and other social studies concepts.
If It Were My Home
Compare what your life in the U.S. would be like in other countries. This website cites the CIA Factbook as its source, which is reliable. Ignore the ads on the side.
Dictionary of old occupations (jobs)

Type in topics we are discussing in class into the search bar to find articles, pictures, and video clips. 
Great quiz to determine where you are politically.
Games to reinforce civic concepts.
The CIA's website. Includes historical resources and the world factbook, which contains information about all countries in the world.
An article with additional links to resources.
Requires a download but gives amazing views of our world. Don't just look up your house; explore!
Wonderful resources and verified information.
An interactive atlas with timelines. Look how young the U.S. is compared to all the other civilizations!
An understanding of how elections work.
Teaches you how to use this method of note-taking and studying.

Cornell Note-Taking System
Teaches you how to use this method of note-taking.
NY Public Library Websites
A fun and useful site for students and teacher resources.The link above takes you to Biography resources but be sure to explore all the other resource links on the site as well.

Colonial America
Basic summaries on different aspects of colonial life.
Summaries and short video clips on colonial America.
Short readings on all topics of American life!
Easy to read and navigate website with information on many social studies topics. Use the links on the side to navigate to the topic you need!
A 13 colonies chart.
A great resource with readings and links to primary sources about different American eras.
Great resource with readings and interactive maps for readers of all levels.
Explore primary sources from every era in history!
Learn how the English language has changed over the years.
See the world.
Writing Resources

Writing Resourcestitle

A source to check for plagarism.

Read, Write, Think
Reading writing and thinking site sponsored by: The International Reading Asssociation, NCTE, and Marco Polo. There are great links to interactives and mobile apps to help with your writing: venn diagrams, plot diagrams, etc. 

Writing Assistant
An online writing assistant for your writing assignments.

An article with a few writing tips.

Tips from a college website on how to show evidence in your writing.

Great writing website. Use the links on the side to explore different topics you need help with. It has everything from theses to sentence variation to mechanics.

Helps you correctly cite from various sources. Typically for history papers you would use MLA format.

Another bibliography site.

Yet another bibliography site.