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Drama Club

Important Information:

The Calendar for February will be up sometime this week.  Please keep a lookout for it.  Copies will be distributed during the February 2nd rehearsal.  
Rehearsal are scheduled for EVERY Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday until 5pm.  Please be prepared to be here for all of the rehearsal dates and times.  There will be may rehearsals in which you may not be needed to attend, I will be creating a schedule soon.

Disney's Mulan Jr.  Cast List


Laozi Lisette Serrano

Yun – Amber Taylor

Hong – Daniel Mota

Lin – Jayda Dizon

Zhang – Emily Nunez

Mushu – Larra Richeme


Fa Family:

Mulan – Juliana Yanto

Fa Zhou – Vincent Nava

Fa Li – Alexandra Pereira

Grandmother Fa – Caroline D’Addario



Captain Shang – Donnell Lasin

Chi Fu – Derek Ng

Yao – Ren Olarte

Ling – Katrina Nguyedon

Qian-Po – David Martin



Shan-Yu – Isaiah Murray

Subar-Tu – Deepkamel Singh

Magyar – Christina Pierre-Louis


Emperor – Kelvin Kam

Matchmaker – Tiana Hernandez



Ivana Brito (villager)

Sage Brody (groomer/Dance Captain)

Jocelyn Diaz (villager)

Melanie Gamboa (groomer)

Charlotte Holland (groomer)

Monet Jones (groomer/ Dance Captain)

Emily Lescano (maiden #1/villager)

Rachel Mendoza (groomer)

Makaylah Michel (villager)

Eva Monge (cheongsam salesperson/maiden #3)

Gabrielle Mora (Chinese soldier)

Shayla Morton (villager)

Justin Novoa (Liu: Chinese soldier)

Alexis Orallo (young Xiao: Chinese soldier)

Toni-Mari Orallo (groomer/Dance captain)

Eroleenn Pellosis (young Yi: Chinese soldier)

Kayla Picciano (groomer)

Gabriela Quintero (villager)

Shannel Santana (Chen:  Chinese soldier)

Stephannie Uche (Hun soldier)

Denielle Uy (old Yi:  villager)

Heleigh Walker (Hun soldier)

Skylar Walter (groomer)

Amy Watson (maiden #2/villager)

Kayla Willis (Chinese soldier)

Music for Auditions

Previous Announcements:

  •  The Parent meeting will be held on Thursday, December 4th in the auditorium at 6:30pm.  I am so excited to be working on this production with all of you and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there. 
  • Rehearsals begin on Thursday, December 11th after school in the auditorium at 2:45pm.  Please be prompt.
  • Congratulations to the cast of Mulan Jr.  There will be a brief cast meeting on Monday, November 24th after school in the auditorium at 2:45pm.  Please be prompt.  Casting is such a long and difficult process, especially when we have such a long number of truly talented individuals.   I encourage everyone to audition again next year.
  • Callbacks will be on Thursday, November 20th and Friday November 21st.  On Friday please wear comfortable clothes to dance and appropriate shoes (no ugg boots).
    Thank you 
  • There will be a meeting on Monday, November 10th at 2:40pm in the auditorium.  Everyone interested in auditioning MUST attend and must have returned signed audition forms.  I will discuss the audition process. 
  • There will be a meeting on Monday, October 27th at 2:40pm in the auditorium.  Anyone interested in participating this year MUST attend.  I will discuss theatrical options.  Parents may attend. 
    Thank you 
  •  We will be having a meeting for parents, regarding the status of a musical production at Burnet within the first few weeks of September.
    Thank you