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Room Locations

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Miss Steeb
English Teacher
Rooms: 231, 127, and 221

New Bell Schedule for a regular day
Opening Bell 7:58 am
AM Homeroom: 8:03-8:08 am
Period 1A: 8:12-8:50 am
Period 1B: 8:54-9:32 am
Block 2AB: 9:36-10:56 am
Lunch: 11:00-11:38 am
Block 3BC: 11:42-1:02 pm
Block 4AB: 1:06-2:26 pm
PM Homeroom: 2:30-2:34 pm
Words of the Week

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Words of the Week 12/4
1. petty - adj. not important
2. venture - n. a risky or uncertain undertaking
3. whim - n. a sudden idea to do something
4. quizzical - adj. expressing doubt or questioning; puzzled

Words of the Week 12/11

1. moderate - adj. not too much or too little
2. fiasco - n. a complete failure
3. gritty - adj. feeling like sand
4. contemplate - v. to think about for a long time

Words of the Week 1/2

1. diplomatic – adj. skillful dealing with people
2. taunt – v. to tease or make fun of
3. jester – n. someone who always jokes or acts playfully
4. obsolete – adj. no longer in use

Words of the Week 1/8

1. exaggerate - v. to make something seem larger, more important, or more valuable than it actually is

2. tendency - n. a likelihood of behaving in a certain way

3. persistent - adj. 1. not giving up; 2. lasting a long time

4. extricate - v. to set free from a difficult or embarrassing situation 


Words of the Week 1/22 – n. the farthest reaches of settlement, exploration, or knowledge
2.flaunt – v. to display noticeably
3.terminology – n. the special vocabulary used in a particular business, science, or art
4.digit – n. (1) a numeral; (2) a finger or toe

Words of the Week 1/29

1. perennial – adj. lasting through the year or for many years
2. comprehend – v. to understand
3. deception – n. to trick or lie meant to deceive someone
4. immobile – adj. unable to move

Words of the Week 2/5

1.array – n. (1) a large or impressive group or display; (2) beautiful or splendid clothing
2.promotion – n. a move upward in position or grade
3.reluctant – adj. unwilling
4.confront – v. to meet or face boldly

Words of the Week 2/12

1.array – n. (1) a large or impressive group or display; (2) beautiful or splendid clothing
2.promotion – n. a move upward in position or grade
3.reluctant – adj. unwilling
4.confront – v. to meet or face boldly

Words of the Week 2/19

1.sensitive – adj. physically or emotionally responsive
2.ambiguous – adj. having more than one possible meaning
3.encumber – v. to weigh down or burden
4.benefactor – n. someone who gives generous assistance or a gift of money
Words of the Week 2/26
1. indispensable- adj. absolutely necessary
2. mortify- v. to cause someone to feel terrible; embarrassment
3. finance- n. affairs related to money; v. to provide money for someone or something
4. bountiful- adj. more than enough

Words of the Week 3/5

1.endorse – v. 1. to give support or approval to; 2. to sign one’s name
2.idle – adj. not busy; doing nothing
3.descend – v. to move from a higher place to a lower place
4.absorb – v. 1. to involve or engage completely; 2. to take in or soak up

      Words of the Week 3/12

  1. Erroneous- adj. containing error
  2. Mesmerize- v. to fascinate
  3. Familiar- a.)adj. well-known; easily recognized    b.) knowing something or someone well
  4. Jubilant- adj. feeling or showing great joy

Words of the Week- 3/19

1. repose – n. freedom from activity or responsibility
2. antique - n. something made a long time ago
3. conform – v. to act or think in a way that follows the rules
4. fatigue - n. the condition of being very tired

Words of the Week- 3/26/18

  1. Infinite- adj. without limits; without ends
  2. Pucker- v. to gather or contract into folds or wrinkles
  3. Adaptation- n. something that has been changed to fit different conditions
  4. Urban- adj. something that is from the city or related to the city

Words of the Week 4/2

1. converge – v. to come together

2. sarcastic - adj. using cutting or bitter words for the purpose of making fun of someone or something

3. esteem – n. a very positive opinion

4. cavort - v. to run and jump around playfully


Words of the Week 4/9

1. vehement – adj. expressing strong feelings

2. restoration - n. the act of bringing something back to its original condition

3. queue – n. a line formed for waiting

4. amuse - v. (1) to entertain; (2) to cause to smile or laugh


Words of the Week 4/23

1. dedicate – v. to set apart for a special purpose or use

2. glare - v. to stare in an angry way

3. utter – v. to make an audible sound with your voice

4. compose - v. (1) to become calm; (2) to create by putting together words or musical notes

Words of the Week 4/30
1. volunteer- n. a person who chooses to work without being paid
2. pessimistic- adj. expecting things to turn out badly
3. detest- v. to dislike very much
4. tolerant- adj. willing to respect people who think or act differently than you
 Words of the Week 5/7/18
  1. Ultimate- adj. final
  2. Ventilation- n.the circulation of air
  3. Anonymous- adj. from someone whose name is not known
  4. Know-how- n. the knowledge of how to do something

Words of the Week 5/14

1. stratosphere– n. the layer of atmosphere that extends from about 11 miles to 30 miles above Earth

2. endow - v. (1) to provide with an ability, talent, or other positive qualities at birth; (2) to give money or property to

3. charisma – n. an unusual ability to influence people and inspire devotion

4. ancient - adj. from times long past

Words of the Week - 5/21/18
1. expose - v. (1) to make something known; (2) to leave without protection
2. distraction - n. something that draws one's attention to it
3. luscious - adj. smelling or tasting delicious
4. forfeit - v. to give up the right to something
Words of the Week- May 29, 2018
  1. Ignorance- n. a lack of knowledge
  2. Vain- adj. overly proud of one’s looks, abilities, or accomplishments
  3. Reunion- n. the bringing together of friends, family, or other groups of people
  4. Shallow- adj. lacking deep thought, feeling, or knowledge

Words of the Week 6/4

1. akimbo– adj. with hands on hips and elbows turned outward

2. banish - v. to punish someone by making him or her permanently leave a country

3. calligraphy– n. a style of beautiful or elegant handwriting

4. essential - adj. very important or necessary