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Welcome to Mrs. Mueller's English Website!


Here is the link to "The Outsiders", pdf file if you forgot your book at school!  Cut and paste address below.
Also here is audio for chapters 3 and 4.  Use this website for the rest of the chapters if you would prefer listening to the story.  Cut and paste address below.
http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=gchNU3M          (chapter 3)
http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=kq0JyyW (chapter 4)
Log in for Pearson Web Site!
1) Go to district web site
2)  Click the Students Tab
3)  Click My Perspectives
4)  Click the MyPerspectives Icon and the sign on
Your Username is your student id
Your password is your first name(capitalize first name)07
So, if your id is 229006 and your name is William
Username: 229006
Password:  William07
5)  You are now on Easy Bridge
6) Click the arrow next to your class
7) Click the product you would like to open(usually My Perspectives)