Homework For The 2017-2018 Academic Year

Homework For The 2017-2018 Academic Yeartitle

 Marking Period 3
March 6, 2018
1.  Argumentative essay is due March 7th at 12:00 a.m. via Google Classroom only!  
Attention Students:  Please refer to Google Classroom in addition to this site for homework.  Some homework assignments may be electronic submission only and would be redundant to post on Catapult as well.   
February 22, 2018
1.  Be ready for your reading check tomorrow on pgs. 60-70 of your novel.
2.  Your mystery story must be submitted through Google Classroom by 8:00 am tomorrow!  
February 20, 2018
1.  Mystery story is due on 2/23 and must be submitted to Google Classroom; this is our first electronic assignment!
2.  Read pages 60-70 in your novel and take notes; you never know when there will be a reading check.  
February 13, 2018
1.  Have a complete outline of your mystery story by tomorrow.
2.  Read pages 30-53 in "When You Reach Me" and expect a reading check tomorrow.  
 February 8, 2018
1.  Write an introduction for your argumentative topic!
2.  Read through chapter "Mom's Rules for Life in NY City" on pg. 29.

All honors applications are due by February 20th!

February 6, 2018
1.  Research your argumentative topic and bring in two articles that offer two different sides of the argument.  Be sure to note the website you retrieved it from so we can do our work cited page.   
Marking Period 2
 January 24, 2018
1.  Research the novel, A Wrinkle In Time, and get some common themes and a summary of the plot.  You may record your answers in the novel study section of your binder.  You will need this in class for tomorrow!  
English midterm is on January 18th!
 January 3, 2018
1.  Complete fun-filled activities 1 & 2 in your preposition packet. 
January  2, 2018
1.  Essay due tomorrow!
December 12, 2017
1.  Complete Act 2 vocabulary from "A Christmas Carol" in the proper format (definition, POS, and 1 synonym).  
2.  Choose any 8 terms from Act 2 vocabulary and create analogies.  
3.  In a paragraph explain why Scrooge is the way he is.  Use the scenes from the past to guide your writing.  
December 11, 2017
1.  Make sure you have completed reading the novel, The Outsiders.  
December 6, 2017
1.  Go support the school concert tonight at 6!
December 4, 2017
1.  Complete reading chapter 9 of The Outsiders.
November 30, 2017
1.  Complete all Act 1 vocabulary for "A Christmas Carol" in the required format.
             Required fomat: define word
                                     label POS (N)(V) etc
                                     Pick 10 terms to create analogies.
November 28, 2017
1.  Complete the "Quick Write" in the proper format for a test grade. 
2.  Read chapter 6 in The Outsiders.  
 Marking Period 1
 November 2, 2017
1.  Final draft of her nonfiction narrative is due tomorrow for a test grade.  You must have your rough draft and the rubric stapled to the back of it in order to receive full credit.  
November 1, 2017
1.  You must have a completed rough draft of your nonfiction narrative in class tomorrow for our editing session.
October 30, 2017
1.  Have a typed rough draft of your nonfiction narrative in class on Thursday to peer edit and a final draft by Friday for a test grade.  
2.  Complete Unit 1 Text Reflection online.  If you are unable to complete online, then you may write it out.  
October 26, 2017
1.  Be sure to complete all unfinished classwork.  
2.  Final draft of nonfiction narrative is due November 2nd!
October 25, 2017
1.  Final draft with the rough draft and the checklist stapled to the back are due this Friday for a test grade!  
2.  Complete any unfinished classwork.  
October 24, 2017
1.  Final draft with the rough draft and the checklist stapled to the back are due this Friday for a test grade!  
October 19, 2017
1.  Have a rough draft of your introduction tomorrow and be sure to color code your thesis statement for the three parts!
2.  Final typed essay is due Friday, October 27th!
September 19, 2017
1.  Complete "Writing A Thesis Statement" worksheet.  Be sure to color code the 3 parts that make up a thesis statement!
2.  Read chapters 4 & 5 in So B. It.